Remove the Default “time” for DateTime fields in ServiceNow

Removed Default Time in DateTime Fields

As a ServiceNow Developer/Consultant one enhancement that I have received a number of times over the years (usually for the Change Management form) is the ability to “blank” the default timestamp (set to the current time) that is automatically pre-filled on all date-time fields. The customer wants to force the user to specify their own time and are worried that the user will simply choose a date and then click the checkbox to exit the control leaving in the current time. To mitigate this I have created a script that utilizes the DOM (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but I have found no other way, and besides, ServiceNow uses the DOM via Prototype to create the control). The main thing to worry about is that this “could break after upgrades”, so you will want to add this to your list upgrade test cases as this has broken from Fuji to Geneva (see comments to find out the two lines that changed). If anyone has found a better way to do this which does not include modifying the DOM please let me know!

Ok, so on to the fun. Initially we define the list of fields we want to “blank” (must include the table as well) the time for, then we run a jQuery statement to select each element on the form which is of type “glide_element_date_time” (updated in Geneva, was “date_time” previously). From there we pull the data-ref attribute to match against our list of fields to set and add an event to call our controlDateTimeSelector function (with a timeout) when the user clicks the corresponding calendar button/icon. We will try a maximum of 5 times (500ms between each) to get the popup DateTime control before we give up. In my testing I have never had it reach the 2nd iteration but it is technically possible if the system is slow.

Enough talk, enjoy the code!

function onLoad() {
   var fields = ['change_request.start_date','change_request.end_date','change_request.work_start', 'change_request.work_end'];
   try {
      //jQuery('a[data-type="date_time"]') this worked in Fuji...
         .each(function (index, value) {
            var ref = jQuery(this).attr('data-ref');
            if (ref.length) {
               jslog('JM: found element at index: ' + index + ' value: ' + ref);
               var val = g_form.getValue(ref);
               if (val == '' && fields.indexOf(ref) > -1) {
                  jslog('JM: registering event for element at index: ' + index + ' value: ' + ref);
                  //need to call .next() in Geneva/Helsinki, not needed in prior versions, to get the calendar button beside the ref field
                  jQuery(this).next().on('click', function () {
                     setTimeout(controlDateTimeSelector, 500);

   } catch (e){
      console.error('JM: Error occurred: ' + e.toString() + ' on line:' + e.lineNumber);

   function controlDateTimeSelector(iterator) {
      jslog('JM: Starting controlDateTimeSelector.');
      var prefixId = '#GwtDateTimePicker';
      try {
         if (iterator === undefined) {
            iterator = 0;

         } else if (iterator > 5) {
            jslog('JM: Stopping; hit max iteration count.');

         if (!jQuery(prefixId + '_header').length) {
            jslog("JM: Didn't find DatePicker, trying again in 500ms. Iterator was: " + iterator);
            setTimeout(controlDateTimeSelector.bind(null, iterator), 500);

         } else {
            jslog('JM: Found and Set DatePicker.');
            jQuery(prefixId + '_hh').val('--');
            jQuery(prefixId + '_mm').val('--');
            jQuery(prefixId + '_ss').val('--');
      } catch (e){
            console.error('JM: Error occurred: ' + e.toString() + ' on line:' + e.lineNumber);

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  1. This is the right website for anyone who would like to understand ServiceNow.

    You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that has been discussed for many years.
    Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

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